'Pokémon GO' update: Apple Watch app version released

(Twitter/PokemonGoApp)Promotional photo for "Pokémon GO."

The "Pokémon GO" app has finally been released for the Apple Watch. It can now be downloaded for the device in order to for users to play the game in a more convenient way.

According to Game Rant, fans have been expecting this release ever since Apple confirmed that the said version will roll out soon. This was amidst the existence of rumors which claimed that the "Pokémon GO" app for Apple Watch has been delayed or scrapped. Fans are even more surprised that the app got released just five days after the announcement.

Of course, the Apple Watch version of "Pokémon GO" does not give the players the full functionalities of the game on their wrist, but there are still key features that the app accomplishes. The app also interacts with Apple Watch's Health app, allowing each play session to be logged as a workout.

Basically, the gameplay counts toward personal Activity rings. This certainly reflects Niantic's desire to use the app as a means of going out and becoming active while enjoying the game. Also, the app will notify players about nearby Pokémon, eggs hatching, and medals being awarded, but users are still required to pull out their phones to use their "Pokémon GO" app when catching Pokémon.

Thankfully, the Apple Watch version of the app also gives the players the capability to locate and receive bonuses from Pokéstops they visit without opening their phone. Lastly, the Apple Watch app can also hatch Pokémon Eggs as it counts the distance players traveled. With this feature, players can also count the steps they took with their buddy Pokémon.

The Verge also reports that the Apple Watch release for "Pokémon GO" just one of the slew of updates released by Niantic in an effort to get players to play the game again.

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