'Fairy Tail' chapters 516 and 517 spoilers: Will Natsu die after merging his Demon Seed and dragon counterpart?

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In the upcoming "Fairy Tail" chapter, Lucy will have to gather some bravery in order for her to finally reveal her love to Natsu. Regardless of the fact that Igneel warned about Natsu's death by merging his Demon Seed and Dragon counterpart, the main protagonist continues to do so.

According to Yibada, chapter 516 of "Fairy Tail' featured Irene and Erza in combat. Meanwhile, Natsu has been warned by Igneel about the dangers of his Demon Seed and dragon counterpart merging, saying that his death will be assured once it is successful.

Irene, in the midst of taking hits from her daughter Erza, was able to think of a strategy in order to defeat her. Basically, she thought that summoning the body of someone similar to her will do the trick, hence, she chose Wendy.

As for the new chapter 517, there are a lot of speculations and predictions among fans as to what will happen next. The gist of these predictions is that once Irene is able to take over Wendy's body, Erza will start hesitating so as to not hurt her friend.

While it is all happening, Igneel will reportedly admit that Natsu will be able to survive the merging of his Demon Seed and dragon counterpart if he was in his full power. Unfortunately, he is in a bad shape, so the physical strength needed to survive the merge will be too much for him, resulting in his death.

Additionally, the Hall of Fame Magazine reports that Natsu's group will also converge with Mavis and the other fairies. With that, Mavis will inform Lucy and the group about the death of Makarov, resulting to their grief. Gray will also be compounded by the regret he feels due to his pointless fight with Natsu.

During Natsu's attempt, he will feel Lucy and Happy touching him, begging him to fight and survive. With this, Lucy will finally confess her love for Natsu.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 517 will be released on Jan. 14, 2017.

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